20-01-2016 NEWSNEWSNEWS1

Reviewing Bochum´s early Graffiti years (1990 - 2000), featuring:
Stor, Mik, Sky, Eys, Sog, Drek, Some, Kor, Kame, Atom, BMW-, 463-, FSK-Crew

19-01-2016 15-01-2016 NEWSNEWSNEWS202

Remembering the days of wayback showing some past works at Basel´s famous line:
Dare, Creptor, Dream, 8513, Posk, FTP

10-01-2016 NEWSNEWSNEWS280

When visiting Brighton, besides the Brighton Pier and Royal Pavilion it´s really hard to miss all those top notch graffiti productions.
Gary, AVK One, Aroe, Bonzai, Semor, Sorn, Sterling, HA, MSK