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LB: Mobar stands for an very unique style and nice productions, can you tell us a bit more about your background?
Hi. Thanks for speaking in high terms of me. I´m MOBAR and I´m out there writing my name since 2003.

LB: Where are you based?
I´m from Germany. I´m based in Leipzig to be more precisely.

LB: How did you choose your tag, any special meaning? And how did you get in to graffiti?
I´ve chosen my name simply due to the letters. I wanted a word that doesn´t exist but still is readable. Furthermore I haven´t heard that name being used beforehand. My crew-mate KAFOR served as inspiration to me. I was always drawing and sketching, but friends brought me into graffiti.

LB: What is it that keeps you in the game and writing? Who and/or what inspires you?
Graffiti motivates me by itself. Doesn´t matter who you are, if you got enough ambitions, you can achieve everything. Equally I like the competition at it. Whenever my fellas drop some burners, I want to top ´em my next time. I accept the challenge.

LB: Can you tell us a bit more about your style and how it has developed over the years?
It´s important to me to not just being standard. I want to be preferably individual and differ from block capitals but without loosing sight of the essential core. I want to refine my style more and more, even if the next steps between two pieces getting lesser and tinier. Occasionally I like to draw different words. This is what produces new ideas. Also elaborate productions are important to me. There I can unlock my potential to its fullest.

LB: How do you find and abstract your lettering?
I´d label my style as "Semi-Wildstyle". To me an unique style shows character: Sometimes vicious, sometimes fluffy or majestic for instance. I´m following this. At the end, it all must look inherently consistent.

LB: How important is the choice of medium (aka canvas, walls, younameit) you write on to you?
Of course, should the occasion arise, I prefer walls, or writing steel with pleasure. Every so often I draw on canvas. Lastly I trial and errored with brushes and I can imagine, to expand this in future. But focus at it will always stay on writing my name.

LB: Do you have a paint brand of choice? Caps of choice? How important is a color concept or in general pre-concepting your work for you?
No, not really. Montana and Belton however offer the best overall package. A damn good valve-system and a huge color palette. But I write with all other brands too that I get my hands on. All the same with caps. Normally I use skinny- and fatcaps.

Colors are most important as to me. I always had a fairly good sense what matches up. Color by itself influences the entire impact of an piece. Thereover I could philosophize endless. Basically I bother before every production how the look should be.

LB: Are there memorable productions, moments or missions you did past years?
Sure there are. Some of them really bind together. A few others make you learn about your allies and some make you part with former colleagues. I´m looking forward having a beer or a spliff as old fart with my mates somewhere along the line, and rake over the ashes.

LB: What does a crew and being part of a crew mean to you?
Being part of a crew means responsibility and friendship. As one wants to be a member, you should be involved with lotsa lifeblood. Personally I think nothing of "Internetcrews". I´m a member of OST, VM and the LOS CAPITANOS and adhere 100% to ´em.

LB: Has collaborations change your way of writing?
Absolutely. You learn to make compromises and take yourself back for an more better overall piece/production. When working altogether on the CAPITANOS-walls, I almost learn something new everytime. I think that´s great if we complement each other whilst writing together. People that always take part in large productions tend to not work on the background jobs, I don´t need those at all costs.

LB: Any current and future projects you can tell us about?
There definite will be one CAPITANOS feat. SYCK wall this year and I will again visit Poland. Apart from that, of course there constantly will be walls. Like I said, in the future I´ll maybe experiment with oil colors a bit. Wait and see.

Regards Mobar
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