23-04-2016 330
LB: Emma One? All of a sudden your pieces were out there. Seemed you did some sort of hibernation?
Well, yes, sort of! I was out there like 16 years ago and stopped for good reasons. Past years I focused on other creative ways expressing myself. But after all I fell in love with spray paint again!

LB: Looking at your actual pieces, it seems concrete characters attract your more than letters?
Yes and no. It began this year with a promise I gave to dedicate 12 pieces to one of the most important proceedings of my life. So yes, it may be concrete characters for the moment. But, I´m definitive have lotsa letters in my blackbook just waiting to hit the wild.

LB: Can´t wait. But for now, this important life event you mentioned, can you talk more about it?
Sorry to say no. It´s too personal as to just talk it over in public.

LB: Ok, understandable. But can you tell us a bit more about your next projects and ideas?
Sure. Up next I will do a bit of travelling to some of my favourite cities and spots. Idea is to leave my marks there. And regarding your former question, be sure this time there will be some letters too...

LB: Travelling? Can you reveal a few cities along your roadmap?
No big deal. I´m a big fan of Leipzig and Ghent, so those two will surely get colorful legacies of mine. Besides that - Magdeburg, Berlin, Bruges are amongst others all on my list so far...

LB: And when at home, working on your stuff, who and/or what inspires you?
Oh, I find inspiration in a very varying range of work and art. Not necessarily graffiti. Generative computer based art or fractals visualisations for instance. Realtime 3D and shader raymarching works. If I should name some graffiti artist or crews that inspire(d) my I ´ve to prepend I´m a fossil, so my inspiration there comes more from wayback. Hex from LA or the 463 crew and the works of Scout, Scum and Eye One... to just name few.

LB: Wow - truely that´s been a long time. So thx for the interview and hope to see more of your works in the future.
I´m working on it.
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