15-09-2016 14-09-2016 28-06-2016 NEWSNEWSNEWS556

Featuring works and productions from:
Obie, Hepi, Mr Zero, Kast, Fatheat, Fork4, AFX, Tripo, Pony

31-05-2016 30-05-2016 NEWSNEWSNEWS473

A nice collection of shots from Bochum´s Hall of Fame, as well as some halls and walls to be:
i.a. Moter, Some, Asek, Knut, Stoker, ZS-One, ABM-Crew, DFE-Crew

07-05-2016 NEWSNEWSNEWS358

Bratislava stopover - with some nice works from
Pista, Soflokes, Verm, Kaiser

23-04-2016 05-04-2016 NEWSNEWSNEWS86

A few shots from Leipzig´s Flava Hall of Fame (aka Werk2) and some random spots:
i.a. Posa (FMR crew), Bond, Hesky